by Zack Stuckey

Genre: Folk


Tell me wheres the mountain i’ll need to climb again
the ground is shaking
I can spot an eagle from 15 miles away
but this mountains a hard case

If I should live again today
or if I end up dying
I’ll know this life we once sought to take
stumbled onto lying, now i’m in a pickle
eaten from the hands of fear

Don’t you find it funny to accept the smaller things?
were still younglings
bigger than our bodies, forever searching
for love and gold things

If I should reach the highest peak
i’ll slowly tread behind it
for this life I know we’d love to seek
waits for us to find it high above the mountains
I don’t want to loose my way

And I need time
I just need time

I’ll watch your faces turn astounded as I climb the dirty mountain

And i’ll bare through all the pain, no avalanche or rain will tear trough the thickness of my skin

And the scars that mark us will define us
waiting on the day again

Can’t somebody hear me, won’t someone wait with me?
and see what I see
Blue and every colour, but grey can stay away
It colours me anyway

If someone should receive my note
i’ll be more than happy
we could try and stay afloat
together we’ll be laughing climbing every mountain
building up a strength to last

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