My apogee

by jeremiah jones

Genre: Folk


My apogee
By: Jeremiah Jones
Copyright 2013

Every once in a blue moon the notes line up for me just right
The perfect chord makes the perfect sound on a perfect night
And everything I say echoes and bleeds
Through the tops of trees, and the smoky bars, and the city lights
The busy streets of poverty and paradise
To and fro the push and pull of their daily life
To the sound of a song played by the hands of sacrifice

Oh mother Mary may I make one last request of you
Surely you won’t mind if I call out for you
When I’m tired and lonely and lost out in the rain
Just lookin’ for someone to take my blame
Still searchn’ for somewhere to hide the pain

Quietly with great intent the assembly moves in time across the floor
Following, forsaking not the open door
And the voices and the trumpets lead the call
In the fading light their music fills an empty hall
And the fires die and the ember burns and the city falls
The stage is set when times are hard by the meekest hearts
Was a poor excuse at best to say they’d grown apart

The darkest hour is my point of greatest apogee
A lonely little place where I began to see
The chinks in all my armor and the weaker links
In the silence of the morning something changed in me

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