No Regrets

by Ginger Griffin, Jon E. Richardson

Genre: Pop



1st Verse
The struggle and the strife, what we all go through in life
We’re born, we live, we die
Reaching out for more
You take the bitter with the sweet
Hope your landing on your feet
Seeking out your destiny through an open door
Cause I choose not to live in the shadow of regret
Cause I thank God for lessons learned through all the people that I met

Chorus: And if I had another chance, I would do it all again…
No regrets, no regrets, no regrets
I would do it all again

2nd Verse
Mistakes along the way, I’ve seen my share of rainy days
But I wouldn’t trade a day
To know what I know now
I’m thankful for this time, glad you are a friend of mine
Didn’t have one of your kind
Till you showed me how
Cause I could never see as far as you did at the first
And all the love you gave, well
It took away all the hurt

Chorus: And for this special, special love we share, I would do it all again…
No regrets, no regrets, no regrets
I would do it all again

Why I’m so fortunate, to have no regrets
Because I realized you get just what you give
You won’t get nowhere running fast
Looking back into your past
Because of you, I learned how to live

3rd Verse
Every book on every page
Life is written every day
And although we cannot stay
It’s worth it all
You never know just when, or how, it all will end…
But it’s good to have a friend
Cause the world is small

And you are a shining light
Especially when you smile
Some days may not seem so right
But you make it all worthwhile

Chorus: So if I had another chance,
Oh, if I had another chance
If I had another chance
I would do it all again


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