Old Antoine

by John W McClure

Genre: Singer-Songwriter


Ol Antoine J.w. McClure 3/18/2017
When they found old Antoine’s body
He as frozen to the ice
His chin was resting on his knees
Like he was resting nice
His arms arounds his legs
His fingers white with frost
About a mile out on the tundra
Old Antoine’s life was lost

Antoine wont you read
From the book in your hands
Wont you read and take away my pain
pretend it’s a book of the things that you said
Wont you read those passages again

When they chipped him from the snow bank
He was solid as a rock
His mustache broke right off him
When they rolled him on his back
Froze in that position
His knees stuck to his chin
They had bought the best of coffins
But they could not put him in

So they built a great big bonfire
To try to help him thaw
They put weights upon his knees
Sapling spring upon his jaw
In the middle of his wake
The frozen knees gave way
The sapling snapped his head up
And the whole town ran away

They never buried Antoine
‘cause He never did lie flat
I drug him to the place he died
And that is where he sat
Still upright in his coffin
So this is what I did
I put a good book in his hands
Because I could not close the lid

And when I think of Antoine
I can see him everywhere
The raven got his eyeball
The porcupine his hair
The otter got his attitude
The wolverine his look
There’s a bear out on the tundra
Still reading Antoine’s book

John William McClure © 3/15/2017

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