One Sound

by Paul McCann

Genre: Singer-Songwriter


One Sound – By Paul McCann

We are equal in Gods eye ,
no different you and I ,
The same coloured blood is in our veins,
the same coloured tears we cry .

The breath that we take
and the love we make ,
is something strong and true
and all of the songs around the world
are the same for me and you .

One sound , one sound ,
we are young , we are old ,
but in our hearts we hold
one and the same dream ,
to get along and sing our song .
Hmm Hmmmmmm .

When we laugh we all sound the same ,
one big happy family.
Life can be good
when we?re understood,
living with equality ,

One sound , one sound ,
we are rich we are poor
but in this world we share
the future we?ve never seen
to get along and sing our song
Hmm Hmmmmmm .

When all of our voices blend as one
what a beautiful song we share ,
with an equal say in things
there?s harmony in the air .
One sound , one sound ,
sing as one you and I
we can see eye to eye
there’s no reason ,to shout or scream ,
when we sing making one sound
Hmm Hmmmmmm .

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