Our Paths Shall Always Meet

by Charles Wimer

Genre: Americana/Country


It’s so hard, to say goodbye when you leave the ones you love
But sometimes you just have to let them go
So when you walk away and wipe those tears back from your eyes
You’re hoping in your heart that they still know

Love is just as strong from a thousand miles away
As it is when you live right down the street
I know it ain’t always easy because we’re thinking about each other
But in the end our paths shall always meet

You all know how I feel about you, though I seldom let it show
But I’ll say it again so there won’t be any doubt
I love you more than anything that I’ve ever had to leave
So just remember when you’re feeling down and out


I guess it’s time to say goodbye my ride will be here soon
But I’ll come back to you in no time at all
And please forgive me if I seem too emotional
When I write to you or when I call


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