Pick me up

by Jim Ferrie

Genre: Folk/Acoustic


The road to Hell is paved with good intentions
And I stumble on the stones I laid myself
And the fact I seem to pick the wrong direction, raise
Concerns about my state of mental health

For lack of common sense and social science
I’d trip and fall and I’d call out your name
Ain’t ever had the brains of a kitchen, appliance
When other folks would think I was insane
You’d be there to pick me up again

I was self-assured and so damned certain
Of the perfect execution of my plans
And you never dealt me out-and-out rejection
When I couldn’t find my (ass) [butt] with my own hands

I treated your affections like a crapshoot
I’ll admit I put you through a lot’ pain
I should be as welcome as a fart in a spacesuit
And other folks would think that you’re insane
If you come along to pick me up again

I quit on you for all the stupid reasons
I couldn’t swallow my inflated pride
I’m trusting once again I’ll be your man for all seasons
And I’m really hopin’ that’s what you’ll decide

I’m hopin’ once again you’re my salvation
As I rehearse these lines while standing in the rain
At the terminus outside the railway station
Where I hope you’ll be to pick me up again
And I’ll get it right this time so you won’t ever have to
Pick me up again

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