Pickin Sounds

by Jonathan Ditto

Genre: Americana/Country


Put that Sound in your Life” or Sound of Life

By Jonathan Ditto
Copyright May 2014
Jonathan Ditto Music Co.

“Harmony Singers in the beginning ” like high lonesome sound
Full band all in a happy jam
Clapping get ups and dance song stomp your feet kinda song

Put the sound
back in your life
Break or (Jam) Pick
it down
Gonna feel all right
sing all night

Bring or (Come all around)
it round
you or (we)
don’t cause
no strife

Those picking sounds , the sound of life

Hear them picking sounds (some cool banjo picking here )
or uNoticed they float away
when you listen it easy to play
Pickin sounds start anew today

(Pick or Jam them songs or sounds)
Music of life
Let it rattle let roll shot of whisky feel allright
(bringing or picking up your life) alternate

“Picking Sounds gonna Jam all night ”
the band or “sounds make me feel alright”

They don’t let me down
Make me feel real high___ optional

Finger picking,
man that
sound is tight (Right) All Right
better rock all night

Take me by surprise
make me rock all night

im (your )gonna wake up
all my (those)dreams
came (cumin) true

Ill never give faith up
My song will
always be new
picking away
picking for you

Dance in the soft sound (wind)
blowing after you
They( that) wont let you down
Those sounds never do

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