Please Don’t

by Andre Lockett

Genre: Singer-Songwriter


Lyrics For This Song:

Hook: Please Don’t Hurt me (repeat)

Verse 1:
Now little Sara is only 10
But already she can’t trust men
All because of mom’s boyfriend
And his lust and deviance

See mom works late
So Sarah stays
At boyfriends place

But boyfriend drinks beer by the case
And this is when he invades her space
She fights back, he slaps her face
Says if she speaks, she’ll meet her grave

But little Sarah’s very brave
She tells her mom that she’s not safe
But mom betrays, her daughter’s trust
And tells her not to mess things up
Now little Sarah, feels stuck

Verse 2:
Now little Adam’s only 12
But lives a life thats full of hell

See Adam has feelings for Bruce
A friend, so he can’t tell him the truth
And he’s afraid what dad will do
Because his angers through the roof

When dad caught him in mom’s lipstick
He beat him, and he called him sick
And told him not ever again
Or he’ll burn in hell for all his sins

Now Adam’s torn, how could this be
To live entrapped, and can’t be free
A friend he likes in secrecy
He doesn’t say cuz he might flee
Dad watches him judgmentally
And little Adam screams, help me

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