Re: Joyce

by John Milne

Genre: Folk


Got my heartbeat shackled to a metronome
With a one link chain
And the conservatory’s getting dizzy
With the concussion of a coming slow train
And I’m sure the willow tree out in Roderick’s field is closer
But not yet in view
And I just say, “Joyce and Joyce again”

Several apparitions representing assorted thoughts
Twirl the dust up from the hardwood floor
Each umbilically connected to their heritage
Rooted in folklore
And each believes in mutual exclusivity, but in the end
I just say, “Joyce and Joyce again”

Something disguised as truth comes crashing though the door
Screaming, “This means war!”
And bells start tolling violently
As if they are unsure
In the face of inevitability I recall somehow
That here I am – “Joyce and Joyce again”

After countless barren miles over valleys, hills and plains
I need someplace to hide
I trudge out to my ear canal
And peer inside
A hermit woman opens up a can of beans and smiles, “Welcome home”
And I sigh, “Joyce and Joyce again”

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