by Teryn Tsang

Genre: Pop


What kind of fool do you take me for?
Cause you play with my mind til I beg for more
Facing off in the ring and I throw my pride
I should put up a fight but I don’t even try

Just one year ago I was strong on my feet
Then you came to me whispering everything sweet
You stood your ground and the wind did blow
Til it knocked me over and away you go

Are you some devil in disguise?
Cause I can see through all your lies
Still here I stand, I’m paralyzed

I have seen your work and the mess you leave
They are all transfixed, it’s you that they need
Wanna break the binds you have on me
But it’s much too hard, I feel much too weak

Your power over me grows stronger yet
As long I’m here, you are in my head
So I’m giving up but never giving in
Though I’m running like hell, you will never win

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