Save Me

by Dan Monarch

Genre: Folk/Acoustic


Hush little one
I know why your heart is breaking
But you see we must stay on the run
Those mountains before us are growing near
in time we’ll reach them
On the other side waits our new gods

Sara I know what your thinking
I see you by the fire building walls
and if they reach to heaven
maybe I’ll call

Listen close silver king
the west will be so much bluer
the colors will make the past seem gray
Now close your eyes and picture us
walking along a golden highway
Sleep, I haven’t had a chance to cry

Sara I know what your dreaming
I see you filling others with yourself
and when you wake up empty
I think its just as well

Trading minds and drinking stars
here everyone creates their own heaven
If you believe I think it can come true
Despite everything she said
God could never be that angry
I’ll teach you the truth behind the lies

Sara I know what your saying
faith can only make our lives complete
but when I try to save you
you can’t save me

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