Season’s Grow On

by Olivia Frances

Genre: Folk


by Olivia Frances
Fall’s a comin’
All the summer days have melted away
Now the leaves are changing shades
And the crispy cool air touches my face
At those Friday night football games
I think back to me and you
And how we have both started a new
Everyday I’ve grown stonger
I am my own author with courage I can conquer anything

I watch the days untie
The years go by
And the SEASONS GROW ON (x2)

Winter’s risin’
I sled down the snow-covered hill
Got my knit hat on but lips turn blue
I’d think the snowman must be cold too
I warm up inside in the living room
I’ve gone through heartbreaks and mistakes
But I’ve made memories so good they taste like chocolate cake
I’ve got dreams to chase
I am my own author with courage I can conquer anything


Spring peeks in
Then summer gets the best of everything
But I’ve gotten better
At makin’ the best of it all


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