See You On the Other Side

by Sam Rosolina

Genre: Folk


I remember your smiling eyes looking up at me
From the book that you were trying to read
But your attention span could never match
All the emotion that we tried to unmask
All the emotions inside that we tried to unmask

Now if I can just make it through until the morning light
But it’s hard to sleep
when you’re screaming “why?” into the night
And the night it whispers back to me
He says “Child, my child this is how it must be”
He says “Child, my child this is how it must be”

It’s strange that the world can turn
without the beauty of your life
It’s funny how it stops revolving on the other side of hazy eyes
Even I can’t hide it
There’s a tear in my eye for every smile that you gave me
One for every risk that you took just to save me
Every night I pray to see you standing by my side
Even I can’t fight it

I’ll see you on the other side

They say that there are wings on your back
Now that you’ve flown
But I caught a glance long before you’d gone
They were a brilliant white against the dark of night
And I can’t and I won’t let them leave my mind…

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