Severy’s Cabin

by Andy Jaske

Genre: Folk/Acoustic


Severy’s Cabin
Well the road is long before us and you know that road can be filled with pain
But there’s so little time to make our mark and so much out before us to gain
Whether we win or lose is not the question
Whether we take home gold is not the end
But can we get through the race that lies before us?
Can we fight to the finish and make the pain become our friend?
Up at Severy’s Cabin – That’s the place that we’re goin to meet
We won’t say much, we’ll just start our watch and we’ll do our talking with our feet

Well Oscar he ran when he was hungry just to give himself a chance to survive
And Sevdog – well that was just a tragedy – and everyone wishes he was alive
Well, we all fought as hard as we could that year
And Adam took home gold in the end
And if you get through the race that lies before you
If you fight to the finish then you can join me my friend

Copyright ©- Andrew Jaske – 2009 – All Rights Reserved

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