“Silver and Gold”

by Peter Hughes

Genre: Pop


I read the news today as I walked down the road / The secret that nobody knows is the reason I’m crying / I know that some might say it makes no difference to me / The world moves on so comfortably I guess there’s no point denying (I guess there’s no point denying) / A faded photograph brings back memories / God only knows how much it matters to me / They say you’re dead and gone but I can see you rising / In flames of Silver and Gold/ In flames of Silver and Gold / They’ll live forever now I think you know what I mean / The girls and boys know what they’ve seen the rest is just not worth buying (The rest is just not worth buying) / REPEAT CHORUS/ Oh I know I know I know I know I know / You’re life is nothing to behold / Oh don’t you know you know you know you know you know / that all the stories that were told are made of silver and gold / REPEAT CHORUS/ fin. / Chords: Verse: Gm F Eb C / Chorus: Bb G Eb F / Bb G Eb D / Bb F Eb F / Bb C Eb C/ Bridge: G Eb D Cm Ebm / G Eb D C D

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