Soil and the Sea

by Kristen Tivey

Genre: Folk


“You’re breaking me down,”
said the soil to the sea,
“and if nothing can come and
plant themselves in me

then tell me what I am,
if I have nothing to give.
How can I be alive if I cannot
help others live?”

“Well, me, I am a vessel,”
said the sea back to the soil.
“Without me all your farmers
they would never come and toil.

And you bend me into a shape
which I do not choose
so I push and push my boundaries
but I do not mean to bruise.”

Said the wind to the small bird
“You’ve no choice but to come with me.
I’m the only one to carry
you over these trees.”

Said the small bird to the wind,
“Hey, you’re blowin’ me around.”
And the wind swiftly replied
“At least I’m not letting you down.”

And there’s so many of them,
but there’s only one of me.
They are all the roots and
I am still a seed.

If you put me in your pocket,
I will never grow.
You shouldn’t think you’re saving me
you’ve got to let me go.

And you bent me into a shape
which I did not choose
so I pushed and pushed my boundaries
but I did not mean to bruise.

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