by Tom Karl

Genre: Folk/Acoustic


solitude oh solitude
I’m in the mood for solitude
don’t mean to be rude
but please don’t intrude
leave me alone

and all that talk-talk-talking’s
got me walk-walk-walking away
I know you do mind leaving
but I wish so bad you wouldn’t stay

I don’t wanna see you
I don’t wanna hear you
I don’t wanna smell you
don’t wanna be near you
I don’t wanna know you
don’t even wanna sense you
I don’t wanna care about
or share the smallest bit of air
in this house or anywhere
in the world with you

solitude yeah solitude
propose a toast to solitude
I’m getting a suitcase
I’m a-cleaning my boots
leave me alone

cause all your bla-bla-bla
and all your ha-ha is making me sick
sometimes I think my head will explode
if I don’t make it out quick
and would you be so kind
as to remain behind the line
because I’m not quite sure
if I can keep my cool this time

stand clear of the closing doors please…

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