by Moni Lutz

Genre: Folk/Acoustic


Copyright by Moni Lutz BMI

A weary old traveler was waiting
For the long road to come to an end
He longed for the warmth of a fire
And the soothing voice of a friend

He stopped when he came to a crossroad
Where life posed a question to him
One road was straighter and narrow
The other was wider and dim

Chorus #1
Somewhere the roses were blooming
Somewhere the fragrance was sweet
Somewhere the Master was calling
Pilgrim come sit at my feet

He chose the path that was narrow
And left all his baggage behind
He walked in the shadows of angels
Shedding his guilt and his pride

Chorus #2
Then he saw the roses blooming
And tasted the fragrance so sweet
He held the hand of the Master
And he took his place at His feet

Chorus #1 and tag
And somewhere the roses are blooming
Somewhere the fragrance is sweet
Somewhere the Master is calling
Pilgrim come sit at my feet
Pilgrim come sit at my feet

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