Song Of Freedom

by Paul McCann

Genre: Christian


Song Of Freedom
by Paul McCann

Let us sing a song of joy and freedom and break the chains of sorrow in our hearts and tomorrow we will follow in the footsteps very few have trod .

Let us sing a song of strength and courage and carry the heavy cross that we bear and together we will share in the answer of a loving God .

Bring out the message once again ,
Sing out in the suffering and pain ,
for we know in our heart we will find a new start and understand the just why Jesus came .

Let us sing a song of love together
to bring us hope everywhere we go
and the love that we know it will grow and give thanks in the name of .. Jesus
we sing and praise your name,
Almighty King we sing to you again
Jesus Lord you saved us
and the word you gave us
reminds us that love is why you came .

Let us sing a song of understanding
that you came to set the prisoner free so the key in your hands
demands we’re set free in your name .

Sing a song of praise and bless his name, sing a song to Jesus once again , we agreed you freed us ,
God speed us now and lead us
back home to your love again .

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