Staying in Place

by Sam Rosolina, Ryan Camenisch, David Bellnier

Genre: Folk


I never made a promise
I didn’t see unfold
I never held someone so close
That I couldn’t let them go

Ah, but love is a gift that grows
And now that I met you I know
And you don’t make it easy
But you sure don’t make it hard

Other men have promised
They’d swim the ocean wide
For the love of another
They’d scale a mountain side

But for you would I drown in the sea?
Gasping for air on a mountain peak?
No one said it would be easy
But it sure as hell ain’t hard

So should it take a struggle
For one to prove their love
And what of warmth and comfort?
Isn’t that enough?

See for you I would grow old and gray
Warming your feet as we lay
Side by side
Your hand in mine
Staying in place through the passing of time

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