by Lis Nagy

Genre: Folk



Getting out of bed early
Makes no sense to me
10:00 A.M. is better
with a cup of coffee

We spend so much of our lives
Making plans, dodging time
I’d rather laugh and sing
not worry about making a dime

If I could be a season
It’s summer I would choose
Every day would matter
Not a moment to lose

Let me close my eyes
and feel summer, wash over me
Too much, too fast, too many,
It’s time to slow down
If it were up to me…
If it were up to me
Summertime would come everyday
Of the year

Who can say what matters
When all is said and done
Choose to really live
With judgment of no one

Take time to really listen
notice, think, and share
Reach inside and out
find some way to care

Oh, maybe it’s quite easy
All you need to do
Find your own season
Honor those around you


Right here, right now
There is no place
I’d rather be

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