by Mike Lewis

Genre: Americana/Country


“The Surfin’ Song” (Surfin’ Killed the Evening News)

I used to be the one ridin’ the wave,
you could find me out there everday,
dial me up, turn me on, and watch me go.
used to be you had two or three,
you were stuck here with the likes of me,
now it’s all, endless possibilities.
so hey hey, what ya say, let’s all surf our lives away,
they finally found a way to make us pay, what was free.
throw in a little shuck and jive, you can watch ten people lie,
long before you even get live at five..
the way that surfin’ killed the evening news.
from the comfort of your easy chair, you could see me flying through mid-air..
what a way to end your day, just click and stare.
show ya something you ain’t seen before,
someone knockin’on heaven’s door.
find a way to make you stay,
wantin’ more.
(repeat chorus)
everything you need.
is right here on that h-d-t-v
surfin’ now is high,
profits low we wave good-bye.

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