The Circus Is In Town

by William Elvin Manzano

Genre: Rock


by William Elvin Manzano

The circus is in town, but no one was around
though anyone could get in for free
And all the clowns are here, but no one would go near
The show is on, but no one will see

The games and the rides, the freak shows at the sides
No one pays attention but me
The kids are somewhere else, and nothing really sells
So why can’t we all just let them be?

So I was told, the act is getting old and carnivals are now out of place
The kids are all at home and playing all alone in corners of their cyberspace
‘Cause they don’t need the clowns anymore
They don’t even know what Ferris wheels are for
The times are changing
That’s all

A monster’s in a cage
He eats those razor blades
’cause right now they are all he can eat
The circus owner cries, he’s seen the business die
’cause no one buys the tickets for seats

The kids don’y want the rides
Their hits are getting high
Their eyes are fixed to what’s on the screens
They try to fit themselves in windows in their shelves
They live and breathe in LCD dreams

Mirror, mirror
Look at me
I’m the prettiest one, you’ll see
Never look outside my window

It’s a small world after all
With the web, let’s build a wall
Never look outside my window

They’ve forgotten what the Ferris wheels are for
The times are changing
That’s all.

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