The Devil and His Due Regard

by Dan Charness

Genre: Rock


The Devil’s Due Regard–Dan Charness

Verse I:
Downtown there’s a rough road
Where the angels refuse to sing
I keep a mistress on Jewel Street
She just an old town fling
We got high in the Bowery
At an old vaudevillian show
But you ain’t gotta know nothing
Cause that was days ago

I got time for her
I got time to lose
I got time for the devil and his due regard
But I ain’t got time for you

Verse II:
Celia she was a rough lay
And Dorothy she was a trap
Susie knew the moment she sang to me
I’d tumble right into her lap
15 beautiful women
Line up round the block
But you ain’t gotta know nothing
Unless you’re part of the flock


Sin Sin city is paradise
Temptation Island a ball
You’ll find me out with the devil
While you get nothing at all

Verse III:
I got a fever for naughty
I think I’m caught in its spell
You can rest easy in heaven
I’m on the highway to hell
I’ve gotta cure for kindness
I gotta a streak of the mean
And you ain’t gonna know nothing
Cause I’m a mean machine

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