The Gatekeeper


Genre: Singer-Songwriter


Awake in distant vales
A pale sun rises, gleams on the hills
The earth, it yearns, for safe returns, well,
I remain adorned here still.

Hear the beckon of the home-bound fleet
And yet I stay here harboring mere melody
Frees time to flight on gossamer wings
I’m caught in the veils of
Caught in the veils of your sweet honey.

I know a place, a place that only you know
Won’t be alone with eid?lons, into the darkness we’ll go
What is it that you seek, love? They’ll fill it ’till you’re hollow
Hands out to reach, to dance the idle solos where

I’ve been away, euphoria
I’ve been astray, don?t want to close the door to you.

Adrift until the shore
Eyes open towards the border
I wait, I wait, I waited for the heat of day
To stand alone, wrapped in twilight rays.

Wrapped up in the woven, fabricated
Lost in the mythology I created
Known the way and held the key
But I’m caught in the veils of your sweet honey.

I know a place of ivory and fire
Cede to fantasy and turn the earth a pallid mire
What was it that you yearned for, love? Watch it vanish to the ether
While hands bound to anchor, swiftly sink into the nadir.

But free it all to flight, unfurl the wings
Beyond the fluttering, hear the horns, they ring.

Lift from my eyes, the veils
To wake upon the hills.

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