The Loneliest Lonely

by Mike Hyden

Genre: Americana/Country



Bustling sidewalks, the reason is clear
holiday shoppers, the season is here
arms full of packages, hearts full of cheer
as the snow starts to fall through the air

Here I am dreaming, an ocean apart
warm cards and letters tear into my heart
wond’ring how Santa could let Christmas start
without first making sure I was there

Oh the loneliest lonely is being away
at the time of year only Saint Nicholas should stray
and I feel just as far as the Bethlehem star
when I’m not there to share Christmas day

A stocking for certain, with my name attached
missing some candy, a child yet to catch
look for the crook with the chocolate mustache
and you’ll find you an angel instead

Family members arrive from the cold
warm-hearted greetings, a sight to behold
peeling off layers, the fire’s burning bold’
I can picture it all in my head

(Repeat Chorus)

(additional verses)
Caroling children, engrossed in a song
Everyone gathers to all sing along
Sooner than later, our appetites strong
Let the Holiday dinner bell ring
Warm buttered muffins with cranberry jam
An overstuffed turkey, a honey-cured ham
Salads and legumes and sweet candied yams
It’s a Christmas feast fit for a king

Then by the tree, once that dinner is done
opening presents, the magic’s begun
four generations behaving as one
as the spirit of Christmas prevails

(Repeat Chorus)

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