The Raincoat

by Chris Sveistrup

Genre: Singer-Songwriter


The Raincoat

A temple has fallen and is covered in sand, tho time has it’s way with the lives up above it it is untouched and in demand.
Spinning in space a cosmonaut wanes, crashed on re-entry his rocket ship mangled is all that remains

and its taking me away
its taking me away

Did I see you standing there in the morning with a raincoat on your arm
haloed by a sunrise pouring in through venetians
could it be the faith we put in this antiquated system that has taken me, taken me away

Two thirds of the earth is ocean and tides, still not as much blue as there is in your eyes
The pull of your stair draws me near to your breath, nervous and giddy is all I can feel as the blood pounds in my chest

and their taking you away
taking you away


Can I stay if I’m weak or I’m small, will you know that the weight of my heart is the same as us all
When it arrives it could happen again, this time it could be an alien pushing his way through my skin

and their taking me away
taking me away


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