The Snow Plow Song/Anthem

by Damian Binda

Genre: Folk/Acoustic


Sometimes I wave to truckers when I see them rolling by
And when they flip their fingers back they’re not just saying hi
Cuz when I put my wing blade down I never let them pass
But when the roads are being plowed they shouldn’t drive so fast
Cuz they might end up off the road or maybe crash into the snow
But truckers go where truckers go so why you gotta drive so slow?
Sorry man it’s not my fault I’ve gotta lay down all this salt
Until the roads are bare and dry and it’s not my fault these trucks are wide
Sometimes I wave to truckers rolling by
Trying to steer while switching gears another trucker’s on my rear
Precip’s nil the sky’s clear keep it steady have no fear
On icy roads and icy cliffs wind picked up and now there’s drift
Please call in my crossing shift my truck broke down I need a lift
Live to plow another day make the world a better place
Keep these highways nice and safe plowing for the human race
Driving 40 spreading sand no one seems to understand
That after all I’m just a man plowing snow at 4am
I’m so tired I can die
Some times I wave to truckers rolling by

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