There Will Be A Day

by Anneline Breetzke

Genre: Folk


Verse 1:
There will be a day
When I will stand before the throne of my loving God
Oh, and on that day
There will be no more pain and no more shame
I will run into His arms
I will feel His tender love for me

Verse 2:
When I see Him
I will fall down on my knees and kiss His feet
Then He’ll pick me up
And His tears will wash me clean and make me new
I will see His smiling face
I will know His gentle embrace around me

Dressed in a robe of purest white – I’ll feel His pleasure
And then He’ll call me to his side
I can hear Him say, I can hear Him say

Well done! Well done! Well done, My child

Verse 3:
There will be a day
When from his hand we’ll receive our reward
And he with swelling pride
Will seat us close beside his side and then we’ll know
That He, He is the precious Lamb of God
He, He’s the only Lover of our souls
He’s the One we’re looking for
He’s the Love that we’ve been longing for
Yes, there will be a day

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