They Think They Know you

by Michael Painchaud

Genre: Singer-Songwriter


When you feel down, oh just turn around, and look at me,
When you feel blue, what to do, is think of me,
Cause your not alone, I hope you know, I’m here,
Cause I’ll be waiting here for you

When your tired of, that old false love, you’ll always get,
When the world sees, you’re on begging knees, don’t forget,
Where you belong, you will sing a song of regret,
Cause this is where you’re meant to be,

Oh they think that they know you
Oh they think they know you well
But I know some things something about you,
That you would never ever tell

So when you’re ready too, I will call to you, and you will hear me talk,
And you will understand, maybe take my hand, and release your lock,
That contains your fears, and your angry tears, oh that I mocked,
And maybe we can start again,


And its been a wish of mine, and perhaps it’s time to let it go,
But it’s so hard to do, when Im talking to you, and it starts to show,
That I will will always give, as long as I do live, you all my hope,
Cause you have never left my mind,


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