Think Again

by Lindsay Kunkel

Genre: Pop


Think Again
By Lindsay Kunkel

Do you think you can break me when you knock me off my feet?
Does it make you happy when I become weak?
I’ve had enough, I’m healing somehow
There’s more to me than you can see
I’m standing up, stronger now than I used to be

Think again
I’m not cryin’
You can’t keep me down, I won’t let you now, oh no no
You can try all you can
I will keep my stand
I may be stumblin’ but I’m not fallin’
So think again

Your words are like quicksand, trying to make me sink
When will you understand, I won’t go into the deep
In the past you brought me down
But you can’t keep me there
You think you can push me around
But I say don’t you dare

Repeat Chorus

As I’m rising from the ash
I can see through you like glass
I’m drying all my tears
You can’t keep me here
No I won’t pay for your mistakes, no
You think you can blame it on me
But you don’t own any part of me

Think again, no
You can try all you can
I’m not giving in
I’m up and runnin’ and I’m not fallin’
I’m not even stumblin’, no

Did you think you could break me when you knocked me off my feet?

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