This Old Love

by Martin Staunton

Genre: Country


I got two kids and a peaceful home
A woman I’m lucky to call my own
I wish it were simple as it seems
But then you slip into my dreams

I saw you last week with your wife
And wished it was me there by your side
My baby don’t love me like he once could
If I could leave him for you I would

This old love is tumblin’. This old love is a tumblin’.
This old love is tumblin’ down

Now I know she can see it in my face
I think of you and feel like a disgrace
My baby, she’s had just about enough
I must be slippin’ out of love

You once told me you’d always be my man
That you’d love me like no other can
I remember how we could make time hold still
But the years don’t turn like you think they will


In my dream you fall for my charm
And I lay down right beside you
Then I wake with a cheating heart
But it’s alright, my secret’s safe with you

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