Time Cheatin’

by John Kurtis Dehn

Genre: Country


run in place
moments are fleetin’
believing I’m
time cheatin’
counting places i never go
like the parts of me i never show
up ahead the road runs straight
they say all your own dreams you make
like dreams of you and dreams of death
thru ’em all you steal my breath
jesus help me
tell me what to do
i don’t think
i’ve ever been so confused
i just want to touch you
maybe that would do

you don’t need to say it, i know
it’s not where i belong
just like we both know
everything we’ve done is wrong
but when i close my eyes
i still see your face
on my skin i wear your trace
jesus help me
tell me what to do
now we both just hurt right thru
i just want to hold you
the whole night thru

let me swim in your smile
show me rooms underneath
maybe we could find closure
or a new beginning, meet
maybe i needed you
to remake myself
or maybe in your arms
i might find myself

baby, look up ahead
you can see the crash
can’t have what you want
and what we have won’t last
so just turn away
this can’t be enough
like time’s been cheatin’ us

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