traveling evangelist

by Andria richardson

Genre: Rock


Shes never had a real friend before
Aaaand she can’t seem to find one anymore
When your daddyyou s a traveling evangelist
I think by the devil you’ve been kissed

Shes never made out a plan before
Oooon how not to be
A full time whore
Your family s not fine there’s a twist
I said your daddy s a traveling evangelist

It can’t be fixed it never gets better aha
Their ducks get wet and it feel like for ever

And it ruined her whole life
And it ruined her whole life

Your mother’s pretty like you but barely older
Annndd maybe like you
Nobody would hold her
So she turned to the cult of her father
Who promised them it wouldn’t hurt
But it hurt them alot


I’m giving this song to your daddy
Heeeey try and make me
Suck your dick
Don’t let your daddy hold you down

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