by Loriann Rella

Genre: Rock


Life, it comes in waves
Before you know it, then it’s over
Don’t listen when they say that, “there ain’t no room for you”

They gotcha doin’ what you’re told
Always runnin’ never talking to the voice inside your head;
even, when no ones around…

And though you’re breathin’ deep inside you feel maybe like you never lived a day
in your life-free to choose what you want and feel like everything’s okay-
in your heart somewhere left in there is a person whom you’ve always meant to be…
Why don’t you set them free?
While you’ve still got time…

Life, it beats you down
Leaves you cracked up in a corner-your head turned back around
bein’ lost but feelin’ found
I tell myself, “love everything”
“watch your tongue”
“mind your manners”
°its all been done before and it will all be done again”

Like your blood flows in your veins can feel rivers are alive?
Oceans cry out to Earth, “Why cant you get your kids to act right!?”
We’ve gone past the point of return.
This is now the end game.

Can you see it’s all the same?
Who you are inside- is what there is.

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