by Melissa Jordan Grey

Genre: Pop


As I walk the crowded room
A sea of faces in cartoon
I want to leave it all too soon
And find a place where life is peaceful, calm and real,
Doesn’t hurt to feel it
No, no.

But life is made for those who play
Not those who choose to walk away
You better watch just what you say
You never know just who will use your words for war,
Ain’t that what they’re for,
Oh, no

But I’m unbroken, outspoken
Unbroken, not jokin’
I’m unbroken, outspoken
I am, I am.

Living it up in the land of plenty
Get me a drink, son, and keep the twenty
Pockets are full but their lives are on empty
Promise me gold but you can’t tempt me

Because I walk the lonely road
With others brave enough to go
Beyond the gates so shiny and bestowed
With things that cover up the hurt and pain inside
This is why they hide,
I know.

‘Cause I’m unbroken, outspoken
Unbroken, not jokin’
I’m unbroken, outspoken, not jokin’
I am. I am. I am.

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