Used To Be Cool in High School Blues

by J. Patrick Sharpe

Genre: Folk/Acoustic


There was a girl named Glory that I knew back in high school
She had a sun-tanned body and an in-ground swimming pool
She liked to wear a big purple hat
And she always made me laugh
She spent all her time drinking wine and shooting pool

I saw her last week she was walking with some guy
She had mud on her pants and black circles around her eyes
She was living on the bad side of town
Doing nothing but feeling down
She looked so sad that I had to ask her why She said…

(Ch) I got the used to be cool in high school blues
I had everybody wishing they were standing in my shoes
All the rejects used to adore me
Now everyone seems to ignore me
I got the used to be cool in high school blues

I knew a guy named Meathead he was everybody’s football star
He had any girl he wanted in the back seat of his car
Now he’s working at the local hamburger shop
Serving up French fires and pushing a mop
He said, “You know I never thought that life could be this hard” (Ch)

I saw the queen of our prom yesterday coming out of the Pizza Hut
It’s an understatement to say that she’s in a rut
She must be smoking about 3 packs a day
She’s got 17 kids and another on the way
But she’s got a nice tattoo of a flower on the side of her beer gut (Ch)

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