by Dave Tough/Tre Houston (rap)

Genre: Pop



Let’s go to Vegas baby
Let’s go tonight
Let’s go to Vegas
We’ll stay up all night

Let’s go to Vegas
Let’s get away
Who wants to live forever
When we can have today?

Repeat Chorus

It’s raining in the city
We got bills to pay
Packin’ up our suitcase
Let’s take a holiday

Hop into a limo
Drive on through the night
The desert sky is cold
But the neon lights burn bright

Fly in on a Friday
Rent that baby Benz
Taxi to the 15
West on Charleston

Shoppin’ at the Forum
Versage and Vuitton
Honey, this is Vegas
So bring your credit card

Repeat Chorus

Fly in for the weekend
Breathe that desert air
Gondola Venetian
I will take you there

Up the Eiffel Tower
Sippin, on Mai Tais
You deserve the finer things
So lets go roll the dice

Rap 1
Soon as you see the neons, know that we on
Pop bottles with top models, n the things you see me on
N we gone in porche, with head from miss Dion
N be gone again, I got things to spend gs on
Its Vegas man, we gotta go
Throwin thousand dollar chips at the Bellagio
Ya gotta know, as we throwin up cash
Outta the slide back roof, with a stash in the back

Hit the Venetian, tweaking, stack chips like cash is
Craps rollin n winnin again n this actress
Is passin n askin who that cat is
Within an hour got her back n on top the matress
That’s how it goes man, its Vegas dude
N the women sinnin do care what we make um do
Damnit I’m wasted, but you know what they say?
What happens up in Vegas, hah, stays in Vegas

Repeat Chorus

Say, ah, me n my dudes at the morea
Chillin n drink spillin, so what you say ma?
Come down, women like bay watch, rollin up douja
In a poster of Oklahoma…is on, ya…
So uh, please allow me to introduce the life
Money throwin n shots flowin, we’re up in the night
But in truth, all that we do is gonna stay with me n you
Ha, they say that Vegas is the city where ya dreams come true

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