walk away

by RO

Genre: Rock



Walk away
Far away

From here, now,
then and again

Walk away
Far away

From false romance, illusion and all

My headphones are my
hairspray as the mirror is a memory of my loss face
The music rolls and rocks,
through my ears into my mind
Keeping my thin legs synched, mind straight, body
warm and not shaken

Walk away
Far away

From empty blankness,
stillness and frosty silence

Walk away
Far away

From self pity, self
doubt, dues, too many meanings and neglected truths

People expressions
disappear on my brown boots as Robert tells me when to smile
They all want
something and hurry somewhere, some see me some don t
These are vacuum times
where ideas finally rest on their costumed seats

Walk away
Far away

From skillful needs, faults, blames and guilt

Walk away
Far away

From bleeding justice, trusted rats and stabbed expectations

I m always running, not sure where, but my legs had never to be found
I reach my pocket and all I find is a broken wishbone, a lady asks me to do a stress test
and what s coming?
Around the corner I can seize the joker stalking and giggling
as I adjust my guitar and harmonica to myself and what I haven’t been

I ll walk at night through dawns and days, on sunsets I ll be quiet

Runs runs blood in my veins

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