We Suck (At Breaking Up)

by Daniel Nahmod

Genre: Rock


We Suck (At Breaking Up)

I know she’s no good for me
All my friends can clearly see
She’s no better off it’s true
I’m so wrong for her it hurts me too
You keep askin’ why
Well, it’s complicated, but I’ll give it a try

Why are we together
Cause we couldn’t break up
We couldn’t break up
We couldn’t break up
Why are we together
Cause we couldn’t break up
I’d cry, and she’d come over
She’s cry, and I’d come over
So why are we together
Cause we suck — at breakin’ up

There’s no line she hasn’t tried
I myself have cheated twice
“I don’t deserve you” so cliche
“Not ready for commitment” worked for a day
I’d jump off a cliff
But she’d prob’ly end up coming with


It ain’t like bein’ with her is a living hell
But it don’t help that I’m under your spell
How am I supposed to clear my head
When I’d much rather be with you instead

If you’ve got a better way
Better hurry up, ’cause today’s our wedding day


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