What is success?

by Erik Borelius

Genre: Pop


What is success?

Older than Lucy, much older than speech
the instinct of seeking for what’s out of your reach
yesterday’s dreams are common tomorrow
makes you lose your illusions and causes you sorrow

Getting by in your own peculiar way
adding to the stakes in life’s play
working hard to make everyday complete
as if happiness is something you eat
the sensation of success is so sweet

You’ll never catch it, whatever your speed
your notion is right but you’ll run ’till you bleed
Stop your chasing ’cause it comes to you
when the time is right and you’ve found the clue

In a new way of thinking, the answer lies
it’s the way you look at yourself
Don’t compare your success with the richer guys
money is no good in itself
happiness is free as it flies

What is success for you and me?
Is it a happy life?
What is the best for us to be?
You’ll know when your mind is free
’cause this life is it, for you and me

Time is expensive, don’t waste it on stress
forget the game when your life is a mess
Look on the inside, repossess your soul
knowing yourself must be the obvious goal

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