When I Look at You

by Rachell Briggs

Genre: Americana/Country


Can you see the front porch, and the glasses of our iced tea? Can you see the sunrise, over our old tree? Watching the kids play; my my they’ve grown like weeds. Can you see?
Can you smell the coffee pot? I’ve poured a cup for us everyday. Since the first time you taught me to make it the right way. Can you hear the creaking chair as I rock our youngest one to sleep? Can you see?
I see happiness, and a future so bright. Early mornings and really late nights. I see it all in time. All the struggles and little old fights, buying flowers just to make things right. Just living for your smile. I see everything I ever wanted to do, when I look at you.
(Sick mandolin breakdown)
(verse 2)
Can you see the anniversaries? We’ve been together 30 years. I still hit my knees and thank the Lord you’re here. I see your silver hair and your laugh lines, the hard work on your skin; you’re as beautiful as you’ve ever been.
Can you hear the empty house? The kids have grown and are on their own. Our days a little different now, mostly watching re-runs of our shows. But I still sing to you and I ask you do you want me to write a new song? You say, “Sing that one that says what you saw.”
I saw happiness and a future so bright, early mornings and really late nights. I seen it in your eyes. Growing older and pushing through life, climbing mountains we never thought we’d climb. I knew it the first night. I saw everything I ever wanted to do, when I looked at you.

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