Yellow Mailbox

by Z. Mulls & Jim Chapman

Genre: Folk/Acoustic


Lyrics Copyright 2006 by Z. Mulls

That’s a really pretty card
Where did you buy it?
It’s a little avant-garde
Laced with disquiet
All your semantics
Come down to this
Coded lines
Concealed with a kiss


Send it to the yellow mailbox
Overnight express
In an envelope marked ‘urgent’
With no return address

Send it to the yellow mailbox
Tangled in the weeds
With the literary journals
That nobody ever reads

You can hide those sulky eyes
Behind sunglasses
Easier to recognize
Pleasure as it passes
Lush wildflowers
Grow by the road
Thoughts condense
Then softly implode

Send it to the yellow mailbox, etc.

When the sun’s up in the east
When you’re ready for the truth
When you’ve finally learned your lesson
There’s a diplomatic priest
With a slot inside his booth
To slip him your confession

I fall down and spill my guts
Out in the alley
Half-amused I’m missing what’s
In the finale
Vision is blurred
Can’t read the marquee
Dropped my program
In the debris

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