You and Me

by Stephanie Pauline

Genre: Pop


A window in space and time
Where your hand reaches mine
And all else fades away
But you and me
And you spin me around
Tear stained letter and borken crowns
Turn to sonnets and stars
And we both agree
That there’s

No better place on earth to be
No better moment in allo history
Beyond all matter
All time contingency
This is you and me

Maybe a century maybe a day
I’m lost in the lines on your face
And all creation celebrates
For you and me
And you spin me around
Lightning bugs and cricket sounds
Turn to angels wih beating wings
And we both agree
That’s there’s

This love billows, shimmers, and shakes
And all less than divine is caught in its wake

And everyone stops to stare
As bottle tops and foldng chairs
Turn to diamonds and thrones
Don’t ask me how don’t ask me when
Street light glare and traffic din
Turned to chandeliers and symphonies
But we all agree

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