You Are Here

by Jim Metzner

Genre: Folk


You Are Here

You are here, inside the museum
In the Hall of dinosaurs – can you see ‘em?
They ruled the world and in a blink
The whole damn lot of them just went extinct
It didn’t take much to make ‘em disappear
And now you finally stand – inside the Hall of Man
You are here.

You are here, on center stage
And in this scene, you’re trying to act your age
The only thing is you forgot your lines
And no one’s holding up cue card signs.
But it’ll take more than that for you to show any sign of fear
And so you play role, keep it well under control
You are here

Is there any other place that you’d rather be than the one you’re standing on?
When you finally return home there’s only one place you’ll be landing on.

You are here, inside this skin
And there’s nothing else to do except begin
You can take your pulse; you can take a breath
Think about living; think about death
You can try to hold on to all the things that you hold dear.
But if you can let that go, then it only goes to show
You are here.

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