You can’t break me

by Scilla Siekmann

Genre: Singer-Songwriter


You can’t break me (by Scilla Siekmann)

My tears have dried
You changed your mind
Now it’s too late
To fix mistakes
Don’t sugar coat
The words you stole

You hoped to find
Me still love blind
So let’s rewind
You got so close
Then let me choke

You can’t break me baby break me
Now you’re far, from my heart
Cuz I grew strong, while you were gone
And you can’t…
Break me baby break me
I don’t need you, just to feel good
Cuz now I know, that I was wrong, we don’t belong

You didn’t change
Still play your games
The more you played
The more I stayed
But now I’m safe
From your heartbreak

Don’t need your touch
Your diamond watch
Or to dress up
To feel enough
I don’t need us

Chorus: (repeat)

Now that you’re back I see the truth
I was never missing you
I was longing for a man
Not a boy without a plan
This time I’ll make my happy end
Without you to take my hand
You should know that now you can’t
You can’t break my heart again

Chorus: (repeat)

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