Fall / Winter 2008 — Folk/Acoustic

Contest period: July 1, 2008 to December 31, 2008.

Judge: Freebo .




She Believes   Morgan Bracy
Diesel Moon, Marlboro Sun   Jacob Zachary
Life is Fragile   Dave Irish
Cheticamp   Gerry Wall
Arms of the Mountain   Heather Wertheimer
Mardi Gras in the City   Chris Foreman
Let it Go, Brother   Todd McNeal
Blessing   Noah Budin
Breathe   Neil Benjamin
From My Window   John O'Connell
For The Love Of Flowers   Dana Agnellini
Things That I Don’t Mind   Robert Paterno
Grow Old With Me   Michael Brennan
Leaving   Robert Totty
Folded   Calvert Thompson
Something Left for You   Nelson Bennett
One Clear Voice   Jeff Burton
Collieston   Jane Gillman
Hello Love   Evan Hammer
Somewhere   Monika Lutz
I’ll Never Leave   Adrian James
Put You Down   Thomas Kowalchuk
The Door of Your Heart   Jill Shannon
i am   Monica Lawty
This Rain   Kent Simmons
Metaphor   Noah Budin
When you were born   Miguel Reyes
Pear Shaped   Andrew Kreider
Better Be Us All   Tyler Stenson
Isolation   Jeff Greeneberg
Back To My Roots   Cathy Bolton
Love Is The Answer   Ladd Bogdonoff
In the Hollow of Your Hand   Neal Letteney
Just One Man   Jill Shannon
Gastown   Brock Zeman
The First Time   Jill Shannon
Song For The Girl From The City By The Sea   Matt Sheaks
Lost and Found   Brent Ratkovich
Grand Canyon Farewell   Thomas Kowalchuk
Window   Derrick Hedstrom
Last Lullaby   Rolf Schnyder
Beautiful Womyn   Adrian James
Hallelujah Land   Noah Budin
Hidden in the ground   Dom Harrison
The Wrong Direction   Alexander Vans
Tuesday   Michael Stosic
Grady on the Run   Thomas Kowalchuk
ache gone   Monica Lawty
Man In Black   Mathias Fauvet
Northbound   Gerry Wall
Half myself   Gianpiero Gaglione
amoebagram   jeff szwast
Don’t You Wish   JD Carroll
Empty Hands   Jennifer Vitanzo
Everything’s All (On The Outskirts)   Matt Sheaks
Miopic Biopic   Alexander Vans
Mandela’s Song   zap zap
Write me a Letter   Peter Arnett
Bindle (the Elf in Exile)   Evan Merida
Broken Years   James Kozlowski
Gourdy   Evan Merida
Transit   Neil Benjamin
Sunflowers at 5   Carrie Hamby
Angel Fly   Sarah Browning
Home Again   Pete Groch
Motel 6   Jonathan Vassar
He Always Goes   Kara Evelyn
Going Blind   Pete Groch
Debt to a Librarian   Braxton Wittenburg
Atlantic Highway   Karina Berry
Find Something Beautiful   Clay Bell
Song for a Stray Cat   Carsten Güllich-Nørby
Long Distance Carol   Justin Knudsen
Being Alone   Chris Morgan
Unmoved   Jill Brumley
Sunsets   Phillip Coomer
grace   Don Kiter
what this is   kimberly townsend
First Time   Calvert Thompson
I Met You Online   J K
Here We Are Again   Chris DeLacey
Held on to Faith   Chris Morgan
If Hearts are Meant to Break   Matt Hurd
List of Books   Chris Morgan

1st Place
2nd Place
3rd Place
Honorable Mention