Fall / Winter 2008 — Pop

Contest period: July 1, 2008 to December 31, 2008.

Judge: Martin Blasick.




Open Heart Song   Steve McNally
Looks Are For Free   Jeff Greeneberg
Liar   Ryan Harrison
I See You   David Higginbotham
No Small Wonder   susan gabriel bunn
Miss Jenny   Peter Kendal
Wasted Rain   Dani McCulloch
Come Back Home   William Belote
Up Comes The Sun   Sinonim Band
Somewhere In Time   Monika Lutz
Secret People   Peter Kendal
Chapter 2   Luke Viertel
SOME OTHER SUNSET   glenn hammerstad
Goodness & Mercy   Ted Simmons
While You’re Asleep   Siena Pinney
Moving   Waedi Gysi
Healed Truth   Corey Schneider
Stay   lauren hubert
Feelin   Ruben Clark
End of Cinderella   Morgan Bracy
God Will Make A Way   Ladd Bogdonoff
I Want You   Ryan Harrison
Who you are   Peter Kendal
Feel So Alone   Christer Nilsson
Almost   Brian Johnson
Time   Henning Kunze
Losers Never Win   Desmond Moulton
Now2theNow   Steve Koc
Yet to be Determined   Dwayne Trynchuk
Two Hearts One Soul   Reece Sullivan
Clair de Lune   Kathryn Taubert
One Day She Flew   David Higginbotham
What is success?   s s
When My Dreams Come True   William Belote
Carnival Ride   Mikalyn Hay
What Good Am I Without You?   David Higginbotham
you are my love   gisele fahrbach
Sugar Talkin’   Sarah Martensen
She’s Not Me   Tara Newton-Wordsworth
A Christmas Wish   Wonitha Thomas
Lonely With You   Eric Chung
Indian Summer   Sarah Browning
Guided By The Night   Matthias Blazejak
And She Said   Bossard Bernhard
Have a Nice Day   Gordy Garris
Madison   Kimberly Bomba
The Lie   Rolf Schnyder
Take Me For A Ride   Brad Smith
Make Things Right   Jeff Greeneberg
It Never Ends   jim abuan
Cruisin’ The 50’s (Tonight)   David Dowler
Songs for a Saturday Night   Rebecca Londei
Planet Earth   Alex Giorgetti
The Left Lane   Mark Smith
Far From Gray   jeff bucci
Good and Bad   Josh Cogan
This Time Around   Helen Austin
With Me   Corey Saines
Michelle   Karen Javitch
For My Heart (…that’s alright)   Lee Hill
Say Hello   peter scales

1st Place
2nd Place
3rd Place
Honorable Mention