Fall / Winter 2008 — Rock

Contest period: July 1, 2008 to December 31, 2008.

Judge: John Braheny.




Sex   Andy Jaske
Possibilities   Cody Page
MAMA   Rhett May
Dance in the Rain   Bella Bogart
Time is Right   Steve Scotton
Killing Jar   Adrian James
Devil in my Bed   Michael Anzilotti
It’s Alright   Robert Myers
Breathe   William Belote
Your Kind of Bad   Claudia Vorbach
All About You   Ghufran Yusren
Bloody October   Besik Babalashvili
plastic yellow raincoat   sandy mcknight
Bulemic Barbie Doll   Frank Fronteddu
Someone Like Me   Justina Shandler
We Suck (At Breaking Up)   Stevie Mann
Restless   Jaysen Goodwin
My Baby’s Put on Her Shopping Jeans   Rolf Schnyder
as it were, it will   Lucas Phelan
Shine On   Ladd Bogdonoff
Tunnels Without Lights (Heartbeat)   Daniel Lee
I Want Love   Louise Stanners
Heartburn Up In Heaven   Richard Sparhawk
Doctor Dee   Mike Welch
Just Relax   Frank Palangi
Sideshow   Sean Hopkins
Never Summer   Derrick Hedstrom
Mirror Mirror   Rhett May
in control   Lucas Phelan
The grand story   Jarden Lirindon
A Brief Time of Bullets   Paul Terry
The Dreamer   Alexander Vans
The Moment   John Pape
Greatest Life   Andrew Bell
You Changed   Cindy Tucker
Daddy   hillyn natter
Radio Silence   Bridget Nault
Running Head   Louisa Le Marchand
Send Me Off   Alexander Vans
You’re History   Glenn Valles
Government Is The Problem   Don Kiter

1st Place
2nd Place
3rd Place
Honorable Mention